Why QuickBooks Online Is Better for Your Business than Desktop

For more than 20 years, QuickBooks has helped businesses keep track of their books easier than ever. Having maintained a reputation as an advocate for small businesses, QuickBooks today is even more streamlined and accessible, allowing companies of all sizes to keep up with the evolving demands of running a modern business. Taking the platform online has been one of the biggest advantages, especially as businesses in every market have made their operations more mobile. Today, we examine a few of the most important benefits of QuickBooks online when compared to its more traditional desktop version, and why it’s usually the better option for modern businesses.

You need access when you’re not at your desktop

The most obvious advantage of having a cloud-based bookkeeping program is that you can access it anywhere, as long as you have an internet connection and laptop, tablet, or smart phone. If your business is service-based, that’s especially important. You don’t have to run back to your desktop to process every transaction when you can do so on-the-go with an online platform. If it’s product-based, you can get real-time updates anywhere you are, and with certain add-ons, you can automatically process certain types of payments and reconcile them easier every month.

Sometimes, you need to give others access

Maybe you prefer staying at your desktop most of the time, but if so, that means you have several representatives out in the field for you. In addition, maintaining your QuickBooks files still requires professional help, and giving your QB pro access remotely helps save you both a significant amount of time. Because the online version of QuickBooks doesn’t require additional software to be installed on any devices, you can grant and control access to your account on-the-fly for optimal security.

You need payment processing that keeps up with customers

These days, consumers have more ways to pay for things than traditional bookkeeping programs can often keep up with. QuickBooks is known for making payment processing easier, and its online version holds true to that promise by making it much easier to add and categorize various payment types, automatically send invoices and statements to customers, track inventory in real-time (if applicable), and much more.

Run your business better with QuickBooks online

QuickBooks online opens up entirely new avenues for updating and streamlining your business’ payment processing, and all bookkeeping processes. For more information about how to optimize your QuickBooks, email us at [email protected], or contact us by calling 214-273-6599.