A Few Online Tools All Small Businesses Need

These days, doing business online is more than just a novelty for forward-thinking companies; it’s a necessity for business of all sizes, and in virtually all markets, to succeed. In addition to outfitting your business with the right digital tools, like online bookkeeping and payment processing, being successful online also means marketing your business to the right audience. As the most dominant search engine in the world, Google offers plenty of online tools that businesses need to optimize their online presences and give them a more competitive edge in the digital world.

Google My Business

Google is more than just a search engine, it’s a means to connect your business with people who are searching online for what you offer. One of the most important factors in being visible is investing in search engine optimization (SEO) to gain credence as a valid and valuable business. Google My Business boosts this investment by making it easier for new and existing customers to find you online. They can interact with your business by finding your website in search engine results, calling your business directly from your Google listing, getting instant directions to your business from wherever they are, and much more.

Google Analytics Tools

Making it easy to connect with your business once they find it is a great way to cater to online customers, but they can’t interact until they find you. SEO is an intricate balance between many different factors, from the quality and usability of your website to the amount of content you’ve produced, your customers’ online reviews and rankings, and much more. It’s nearly impossible to account for every single factor when planning your SEO strategy, but it’s easier than you might expect to see, in real time, how that strategy is working. Google Analytics is another vital online business tool that gives you unique, in-depth insight into SEO and marketing data so you know where your efforts are producing the greatest results.

Google Search Console

Keeping all of your different SEO and online marketing strategies together can be challenging, and the sheer amount of data that Google makes available to you can be daunting. Fortunately, the Google Search Console takes much of the stress, and almost all of the guesswork, out of the equation for you. The various tools and automatically generated reports the console gives you access to will help you keep a constant eye on your site’s traffic, your ranking in most searchers, any issues that may be hindering your progress (such as a discrepancy in your My Business information), and much more.

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