Is Your Bookkeeping Software Outdated? Here’s How You’d Know

It’s just a fact of life now that technology gets old pretty quickly, and for businesses to stay in business, they need to keep up in several key areas. One of these is bookkeeping; the ability to track and manage your business’ books in an efficient manner is key to your overall productivity. With outdated software, you may have trouble keeping up with even the simplest bookkeeping tasks, and waiting to upgrade will only make the trouble worse.

It’s starting to feel like you’re in the bookkeeping business

The point of any bookkeeping software is to make the entire process simple and easy for the average business owner to utilize without having to hire a full-time accountant. However, your software doesn’t operate in a bubble, and as the rest of the market advances, your business should, too. Otherwise, you’ll find it more difficult to manage your books efficiently, spending more time reconciling accounts and tracking admin errors than you do running your actual business. This completely negates the purpose of entrusting your company’s books to the right software, and it’s a clear sign that your system needs a drastic upgrade.

You can’t pull up your inventory stats on-demand

Inventory is a good example of what business management means today. If you’ve kept up with the tech evolution, then at least some of your business is conducted online. If that includes processing and fulfilling customers’ purchases, then the ability to have accurate, real-time inventory data will be more than necessary. An outdated bookkeeping software won’t likely provide that access; however, modern systems, such as QuickBooks Online, are designed to integrate smoothly with your inventory management systems to give you and your customers on-demand data about what’s currently available.

You can’t process some customers payment methods

Paying for things online used to mean only one of two things – inputting credit card or debit card information, or linking a checking account to a retailer’s account. Now, however, there’s increasingly more methods for paying for things online, and consumers will often take their business elsewhere if one company doesn’t accommodate their payment method of choice. This takes an upgraded, easily integrated bookkeeping software that can seamlessly process a wide range of online and in-person payment types.

Find out if your bookkeeping software needs an upgrade

In today’s digital market, you can’t afford to rely on outdated tech for anything, much less the backbone of your business (bookkeeping). For more information about upgrading your bookkeeping software, email us at [email protected], or contact us by calling 214-273-6599.